My months in Oman

In October 2019 I visited Oman to tutor a student privately in the family home. I stayed there until March 2020 with a short trip back to the UK in February.

Oman was oppressively hot even in the middle of October when I arrived. Daytime temperatures were typically in the mid to high thirties and it was very humid indeed.

The lad I was teaching was seventeen years old and in the final year of high school. He was not doing well and struggling in all subjects. I supported him in mathematics, English, Biology and Physics. The examinations are in two parts in the final year. They are held in January and July. However due to covid, the dates of the first examination session were postponed, often less than 24 hours before the exams were due to be taken. There was a lot of assessed work too.

He passed all his examinations in January and the examination session in June was cancelled due to the pandemic. I had disagreements with the father because he seemed unwilling to accept that his son had learning difficulties. I tried to make him have more realistic expectations but it was a struggle.

The boy had no interests apart from watching Youtube and had no understanding of the world so it was a challenge.

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