Faye Letts

Faye, pictured on the left before she left England for what was then Southern Rhodesia, was the librarian at Mzilikazi High School. When I joined the school, she was already in her sixties but had been living in Zimbabwe for almost forty years. She was plump, about five feet five inches tall and looked about ten years older than her years. She played the piano at assemblies, which were held once a week in a drafty hall, and I think she also gave religious instruction. She was a lay preacher for the Methodist church and very devout. She was originally from Benfleet in Essex.

She used to threaten the children with a stick, and they enjoyed provoking her.  She drove a white Datsun Cherry to school and lived in a small apartment on the northern side of town.

She could best be described as idiosyncratic. In searching the internet, I came across this announcement of her passing in February 2003 in the Zimbabwe University Libraries Consortium newsletter .

She was born in 1937, trained
as a teacher in UK. She taught
at Oriel Girls High in the early
1950’s and then came to
Mzilikazi High School, Bulawayo
in 1971 where she was a
teacher librarian. She was one
member of the association who
always gave us ideas as to how
we should run the Branch.

3 thoughts on “Faye Letts

  1. Thank you for this post. Ms Letts was indeed our school librarian and RE teacher from 1977 to 1980. A dear soul, she loved calling out “Pest!” if anyone was naughty. We loved her. It is gratifying to see this post, and her picture as a young girl. MHDSRIP.

    1. Hello Barbara, you are welcome. I visited Faye in December 2002 shortly before her death. She was in sheltered housing at the time. She always used to insist to me the importance of wearing layers of clothes for the cold Bulawayo winter mornings as it can warm up by lunchtime. I enjoyed her company.

      I recall that she made a lifetime visit to the US around 2001 which she had been planning for a long time. I used to receive her round robin letters from Bulawayo after my leaving the country in 1997. I was sorry to hear about her passing as she was only in her sixties.

  2. Miss Letts was my Religious Education teacher from 1979 to 1980. She balanced this with running the library and her piano accompanying our rambunctious renditions of “Lord Receive us with Thy blessings” at the beginning of each term is unforgettable. MHDSRIP

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