Tulbagh to Pietermaritzburg


Here you see me sitting in the drivers’ seat. The land Rover is well and truly stuck in the mud. I was travelling with my friend Nontando from Bulawayo. We had just dropped off Maurice at the farm. We visited the local Drostdy Hoff winery where we picked up some rather nice white wine. After leaving Tulbagh, Nontando and I headed down to Cape Town. We were planning on meeting up with Nontando’s other half Tim Cherry and her young four year old son Andy. After a few days in Cape Town, we then followed the Garden Route via George, Knysna and Port Elisabeth. Our destination was ultimately going to be Durban before driving back to Zimbabwe via Beitbridge.

At Pietermaritzburg, I paid for Nontando to do a tandem skydive. I was doing some parachute jumps myself and had just started my advanced freefall course. She unfortunately threw up on the way down inside her jump suit, as recommended by the tandem master!


2 thoughts on “Tulbagh to Pietermaritzburg

  1. Hi. I have lost touch with Mike and Rachel. I would really appreciate if you could pass a message to them that i am looking for them. Thanks. Rosh Edmunds

    1. Hi Rosh, I’m very sorry to have to tell you that Mike passed away 3 or 4 years ago. I have lost touch with Rachel but she is back in the UK now.

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